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The Demon of Brownsville Road

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Demon of Brownsville Road  (Berkley, 2014)

by Bob Cranmer  (Author), Erica Manfred  (Author)

The most most terrifying, well-documented, and absolutely true story of paranormal activity and demonic infestation ever written.

Former Army intelligence officer and prominent politician, Bob Cranmer,  tells the story of his family—including himself, his wife Lesa, their four children, and even the family dog, Sandy—who find themselves doing battle against demons after moving into their Victorian dream home nestled in the quiet community of Brentwood, Pennsylvania, in 1988.

With the help of Catholic priests the Cranmers eventually weaken and then banish the demon. In the process, they uncover horrible crimes that loosed the demonic energy that lay in wait for a vulnerable family.

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