To share your wisdom for the future.

Not only famous people have stories worth telling. As we age we naturally want to share our wisdom. But what is that wisdom? How many of us have actually thought about what we want to pass down to the next generation? Your personal history is like a time capsule buried in the yard, an opportunity to share what you’ve learned with posterity.

To appreciate the present.

Most of us are too busy to ruminate about our lives, to analyze and evaluate what our lives were all about. But as we get older we have a need to look back—to see who we were, to acknowledge who we’ve become and what has shaped our lives. The process of writing your personal history enables you to sit back and actually take stock of your life, giving meaning to events that you may have regretted or forgotten. Life review is an important way to deal with the inevitable losses of aging.

To remember the past.

You may fondly remember your grandparents’ stories but those stories will be lost to future generations. Your personal history puts all your experiences together into a coherent life story, including the wisdom you gained during a long life.

What will I have when I’m finished?

You will have an heirloom-quality hard cover book, with a custom designed cover, glossy paper interior, accurately-reproduced and restored color and black and white photos, a family genealogy by a professional geneologist, including historical documents and memorabilia, and a family tree pull out.

What is in a personal history?

The story of your life and your family’s life, including family photos, a genealogy, and historical background of the times you grew up in. Novelistic techniques such as dialogue, narrative and vivid description are employed to make your story accessible and interesting.

Who are personal histories for?

Your family— children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and future generations. They are like a time capsule, preserving the past.

What does a life story professional do?

Through in-depth interviews she records the story of your life, transcribes those interviews and writes a personal history of your life in your voice– as if you were speaking conversationally to the reader.  Family members who have stories about you and your life will also be interviewed.