What they say


I have collaborated with Erica on other author projects and I have worked with her on some of her own, over many books and years. Whether you want editing, ghostwriting, proposal writing, query help, or writing coaching – you will be glad for Erica’s talent, knowledge, and experience.

— Laurie Harper,  Literary agent, Sebastian Agency


Erica has the ability to cut through to the “heart” of a story, stripping away irrelevant details that can bog-down a narrative and bore a reader. She has a flair with words that can likewise enhance and polish literary works making them much more appealing and attractive. The book proposal she compiled for me captured the attention of a major agent which eventually led to a publishing contract.

 — Bob Cranmer, author The Demon of Brownsville Road, published by Random House in 2014.


“This book (Macro Man) never would have happened without Erica”

—Mark Fishman, at 100th birthday party of his father Leo Fishman, whose story Erica told in Macro Man, from Bytes to Bites.


“Erica has worked on all of my memoir writings for three years. I have found her suggestions most helpful. I would write a 15 page entry, revise it, and then send it to her. Her suggestions were very clear and right to the point. Cut this out, expand this, give underlying emotional content. All done with gentle but firm constructive criticism. I would rewrite using all of her suggestions and then submit them to my memoir writing class and wow them. Erica was/is most encouraging and inspirational to me so that I keep on writing even when I feel totally stuck. She is a professional wordsmith who herself writes with pithy humor and deep feeling in a very essential and precise way. She is great at editing my work and helping me to write in directions I didn’t imagine. Erica will do the same for you. Don’t hesitate. Hire her!”

— Robert F. Scherma,   Psychologist


I love writing about ideas but I don’t have the skills to do the editing on my own and that’s why I reached out to Erica who has many years of experience. She was exactly what I needed to bring my first book up to standards. She was quick and gave me additional guidance and ideas on how to express and communicate things more professionally. I will use her services for my second book too. Don’t waste time and wondering who can help you. Get Erica to help you now to get the job done!

—Kenny Sotiriadis, computer consultant